2017 Workshop

This year’s delegates were treated to a slight change in format, with the morning dedicated to teaching and the afternoon reserved for practical sessions.  Between these sessions, we enjoyed a visit to the hospital restaurant to take advantage of some warm food, which some delegates enjoyed outside in the spring sunshine.

This year’s delegates had the opportunity to measure and calculate the attenuation of different lasers through various materials, to gain practical knowledge of laser safety eyewear calculations.

laser attenuation

Delegates also performed measurements of spectral and energy outputs from a home-use IPL as well as running through a rigorous Quality Assurance programme with a skin laser.

We were delighted to find that there was a (beautiful) variation in output when measuring beam profiles.  As you can see in the images below, there are some clear interference patterns towards the left of the image.

By working methodically through each optical component, we found that the positions of these patterns did not vary when changing the external optical components of the laser (i.e. twisting the fibre, replacing 10 mm optics with 12 mm optics), nor when moving the screen or ND filters.

We finally found that moving the TV lens on the beam profiler resulted in a change in the position of the artefacts:

TV lens rotated 15 mm

Feedback from the meeting was very positive, with some constructive comments (we’ll make sure we supply biscuits next time!) and some very kind comments too:

“Clear, concise explanations of the most important concepts regarding laser output measurements and clear demonstrations of how the measurements are performed in routine clinical practice”

“well structured and covered everything I was expecting”

“it was great to actually make some measurements and even better that they might be able to count towards some STP competencies”

“Well delivered lectures, engaging and passionate people”

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