2016 Highlights

We have further developed our method for measuring beam profiles, adjusting the optical arrangements to allow the setup to fit on a single retort stand. This simpler setup can be used in any clinical setting and yields interesting results:

Profiler setup 2016.JPG

Delegates carried out our weekly QC checks for the Pulsed Dye Laser in groups of four. One such check includes measurement of wavelength, as this has been found to vary in the past. On the day however, results were remarkably consistent:

PDL wavelength graph.png


NB: The nominal wavelength for the Pusled Dye Laser in question is 595 nm.  It typically varies between 598 nm (new dye kit) to 596 nm (old dye kit).  The peak seen here is at approximately 597.2 nm for groups A, C and D, and at 597.5 nm for group B.


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