2014 Beam profiles

As promised, we have made available some of the data that delegates collected during the 2014 workshop.

Beam Profiles:

Each group took a slightly different approach to imaging the beam profile of the Pulsed Dye Laser.  In the most part, we wondered about the effects of imaging the beam in focus, or not; imaging from close to the beam axis, or from a larger angle and the effects of damage to the protective window on the image.

Group A imaged the defocussed beam at a distance of around 50 cm and compared this to the focussed beam:

at distance.bmp
defocussed beam
at focus.bmp
focussed beam

Group C compared the image obtained from as close the the beam axis as possible and from an angle >45 degrees:

close to axis
not straightish.bmp
imaging from an angle

We were all interested to find out whether the profiler was capable of determining hot or cold spots which might influence treatment.  Imaging was thus done using a damaged protective window on the laser end-piece (creating cold spots) and compared to an image taken with no protective window:

no window.bmp
no protective window
with window.bmp
with a damaged protective window
with window2.bmp
with a heavily damaged protective window




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